Rotterdam based hungarian artist Annamaria Pizak / Nnamari / living and working in the Netherlands since 2010. She graduated as a photographer, but after she got involved with streetart and started to paint. 

Her work is almost always black and white, using straight lines, geometric shapes, which are randomly created and positioned, but always within a certain rules of play. She has a wide range of interests: op-art, geometry, modern-, industrial-, brutalist-architecture, post-graffiti, digital-art, sci-fi, science, futurism. These are her main sources of inspiration.

She works with various mediums, formats and materials, including murals, canvas, paper collages, cast concrete.




2000-2002 Budapesti Komplex SZC photography



2023 ‘IBUG’ urban art festival, Leipzig, Germany
2023 ‘DAKENDAGEN010’ art and architecture urban festival curated by Allcaps, Rotterdam
2022 ‘ABSTRACTALIZM’ group exhibition curated by AmsterdamStreetArt, Amsterdam
2022 ‘RUBUG’ urban art festival, Zeche Westerholt, Germany
2021 ‘SCULPTURE HOUSE’ group exhibition at PowWow! Rotterdam curated by Onno Poiesz
2021 ‘MARKTHAL EXHIBITION’ series curated by Rewriters010, Rotterdam
2019 ‘SHOW BOX #6’ solo project curated by Foundation Mesh, Rotterdam
2018 ‘FRAGMENTS OF DETAILS’ duo project with Naamloozz curated by Murals Inc. Rotterdam
2018 ‘IBUG’ urban art festival, Chemnitz, Germany
2018 ‘PIGGERY PROJECT’ abandoned place intervention with Krista Burger, Voorst, Netherlands
2018 ‘THE GREAT WALL #15’ curated by Murals Inc. The Gallery, Rotterdam
2018 `RETROSPECT` Abstract Wall Paintings, Apeldoorn, Netherlands
2017 `ABSTRACT MASHUP` Arnhem, Netherlands
2017 `SALON TEA` group exhibition Mexico City
2017 ‘IBUG’ urban Art Festival, Chemnitz, Germany
2017 ‘ABSTRACT WALL PAINTINGS III’ Apeldoorn, Netherlands
2016 ‘IBUG’ urban art festival, Limbach-Oberfrohna, Germany
2016 ‘SONSBEEK transACTION ’16 BIENNALE’ curated by Collective Ruangrupa, Arnhem, Netherlands 2014 ‘RAKAPCSOLAS’ street art exhibition, Budapest, Hungary
2014 ‘KLEIN BERLIJN’ street art exhibition, Apeldoorn, Netherlands
2014 ‘VERFBAAR’ street art exhibition, Nijmegen, Netherlands
2012 ‘HOMEBASE’ street art exhibition, Rotterdam, Netherlands